“Great classes and staff. What I really like is that the staff is on the journey with me, are engaged my progress, and call my ass out in class to push me harder.”

“If I could give you 6 stars I would! EXCELLENT utilization of many body movements while accessing some great cardio! I’ve been to about 10 gyms lately and this is one of the best couple workouts I’ve had, thank you! Instructor was motivated, exciting and encouraging while providing mini-tutorials during a busy class. Great energy!” -Julian

“The class kept me sweating the entire time, just the way I like it! I especially like how the incorporate the treadmill into the workouts. I not only keep my heart beat high, I also get my strength training in! Definitely a tough workout. Loved it!” -Jennifer

“I truly love this gym! From the first class that I took I was hooked. Now, two years later I am in the best shape of my life. Every class is extremely challenging and pushes me to do more than I would do on my own.” -Laura

“The Lean classes feel like you are getting personal training and encouragement.  The trainers are awesome and even ask for suggestions on their play lists.  The Lean classes are great interval training because when you are not on the treadmill, you are using different equipment like weighted bars, weights, weighted balls, straps, sand bags – it always changes which helps you not get bored.  If you can’t do something the trainers help you modify the exercise.  They all are fantastic!” -Terri

“I feel stronger, more fit, more energized than I ever have.  I enjoy the mix of ages too! I have a daughter who is a dancer and yoga instructor and a son who is an athlete, they are so thankful to Bassline Fitness for getting me out of the stands watching and into the gym committed to a work out.  Thanks to Bassline Fitness, I love to work out!”
“Lean425 was the first class I ever took at Bassline and I was hooked from the start. I couldn’t do a push up (even on my knees) and I had no idea what a TRX strap was, but still, I loved it. Whether it is by choosing heavier weights, trying to perfect my form, or increasing my speed on the treads, I find that I am constantly motivated to challenge myself as bit further with each class. I love the combination of cardiovascular work and strength training. I have definition now in my arms that used to be nonexistent. I feel stronger, leaner, more toned, and more confident in my own fitness than ever before thanks to Lean 425.”
– Kristin

“I have accomplished things I never thought I could since starting Bassline and specifically Lean. I ran my first 10k this year and ran it with an average of a 10 minute mile. I feel tighter and “leaner” (sorry for the pun) then I ever have before. I am not to where I want to be just yet, but I am on my way 🙂 it is the journey that matters! I love how Lean pushes you to your limits on the tread, working your cardiovascular stamina and then focuses on toning the body with floor work. I always leave sore, in the best way possible!”
– Robin

“Lean425 has changed not only the way I work out, but also the way my body responds to working out. I played competitive sports for years and thought I could train on my own with the same level of intensity that I once did in a team setting. Too often, I found myself running on a treadmill and lifting a few free weights, but never achieving the results I was hoping to see. I started regularly going to Lean425 a few months before my wedding. I gained lean muscle tone in my arms, abs, back and legs that I had always wanted, but never knew I could accomplish. Lean425 has made me a believer of how valuable it is to push myself outside of my comfort zone, in a setting where my instructor believes in me more than I believe in myself. It challenges me both mentally and physically to a level I would never attempt to perform on my own. The instructors, along with the camaraderie of the class, set a tone of hard work and overpowering results.”- Derin
“By far the most challenging and fun workout I’ve found in Kirkland.  Every 60 minute workout is different. My favorite class is Lean425 because I feel interval training on the floor and treadmills makes the biggest change in my body.  If you want to make a change in YOUR body try Bassline Fitness and get comfortable with uncomfortable, your body will thank you!!”- Cori

“LOVED my first class! The instructor was the best I’ve ever had in a group exercise class. She was motivating, funny and enthusiastic. The music was awesome!”

“I have loved being a member at Bassline Fitness for over 2 years, and counting! That truth all by itself is amazing to me. After all, its a gym. In all my life I have not loved a gym, let alone liked one for any amount of time. Recently I have survived Laura’s Lean class and liked it! I participated in an organized 50 mile bike ride in Wenatchee this month, I was able to do this with only being on my road bike 4 times, because of my classes at Bassline. Whenever I do anything physical, I say Thank You Bassline! This gym has provided me the place & opportunity to become both physically & emotionally strong. I think I am a better wife, mom and friend because I get the chance to work out regularly at this gym. I do, in a heartbeat, recommend your gym to my friends & family. Its the best! Thank You Bassline!”-Karrie

“Great instructors delivering total body fitness in a fast paced free form class structure keeps it interesting, motivating and challenging! I found it easy to make this my routine and after almost a year are the fittest I have been since my early 20’s!”-Bruce

“I have been working out for years at various gyms in the area and feel Bassline pushes me the most. The instructors are motivating and always seem excited to be there. The Lean classes always work different muscles and have strengthened my core. Thanks for being a great gym with great people!”-Nichole

“Love the Lean classes! I’ve always been into fitness and have tried pretty much everything, but morning Lean classes have gotten me into the best shape of my life!”

“Always a great workout! The workouts are always high energy and I always feel like I’m accomplishing a lot during each one”.- Dave

“So far I’ve loved my experience! Very friendly and helpful staff, and the people who go to the classes are really nice as well. The workouts are definitely intense, but I’m excited to have a place that I know will kick my butt back into shape in a fun way.” -Emily

“More than just a gym it is a family that is there to support all of their members! I am very grateful for the awesome, talented instructors that motivate and keep pushing me to be the best. I am in the best shape of my life!” -Audrey

“Lean425 is a great way to get your strength work and cardio”

“I love coming! We have an awesome community of healthy people who are all working together to stay fit and be well! Couldn’t ask for more!”

“I love with this place. The instructors push you hard and each work out is so hard but so rewarding at the same time. For the first time I feel like I might finally reach my weight goals and have stronger body! I actually look forward going daily to the gym.”- Brynnley

“Bassline has transformed my body! The best workout I’ve ever done. The perfect balance of cardio and strength training.”

“Absolutely LOVE this place! My friends words “we are addicted to working out” caught my attention 🙂 Six months later I see a huge improvement in my overall health and my body . The classes are very intense but that is what gets you the results! Instructors are very dedicated fun energetic and simply the BEST! So if you are someone who is looking for a great place to work out, you found it ! :-))))” -Irina

“Lean425. Everyone was very friendly and encouraging. Excellent instructor and I found the class extremely motivating and challenging!”

“Great workout! I definitely got my “sweat on!” I will be back!”

“I always considered myself to be a “fit” person. As a clinical nutritionist, working out has always been part of my lifestyle. After my first baby however, I realized I needed to change up my routine to get the results I wanted. I started my first lean class a few months after my son was born and was instantly hooked. I will never forget how wiped I was after that first class. It was then that I realized that my idea of what “fitness” was could evolve to be so much more. Now 2 years later and after 2 kids, I feel more fit than I ever was before. I still look forward to my Bassline classes., not only for the great workout, but also for the fun, positive environment they provide. The instructors are all phenomenal and each class is fun and challenging. So thankful that Bassline is part of my life”
– Clair

“I know the best way to stick to an exercise program is to find something that you enjoy……Bassline Fitness is it!!! They have the best instructors who actually care about all of the members that come in. They don’t treat you as a number, they know your name. It is a family owned company and they all care. I LOVE coming to Bassline. I had a hip replaced the end of July and when I came back to working out in October ALL of the instructors worked with me to modify my workout to get the best possible results. They are amazing!!!- Kim

“I am a huge fan! I love the instructors, the music, the energy and the workout I get every time! The staff are all friendly and know us by name! Bassline has a great feeling of community and it’s fun to workout and have us cheering one another on.”

“They have a great group of instructors that know how to push each individual in the class. The existing members always welcome new people to the the classes with open arms and positivity. That combo produces the best results I have ever seen from a gym!”- Ryan

“The staff go way beyond what is needed to ensure you have a great customer experience. They are always available and are so friendly. The classes are amazing and you see results after just a few classes. They are great because you can go at your own pace, which means if you want to push yourself and be competitive against others in class you can…or if you need to just have a casual work out and just get into the gym this is a great fit too. There’s never pressure from instructors just encouragement. Thank you for always providing such a great and fun experience for me and my friends who are members. We love it here!” -Jocelyn

“Can’t say enough great things about this place. Love the trainers, the atmosphere and the encouragement to push ourselves. I always leave there feeling stronger, both mentally and physically.”-Sarah

“The trainers are exceptional and always get me to dig into that last little bit energy, even when I think I’ve left it all on the sweaty floor!” -Tana

“When I first walked into one of Dave’s classes I was an overweight mother of two young children who had lost the part of myself that was once very athletic – it had been so many years since I had seen that person that I’d often have to convince myself she had even existed at all. Luckily I was dragged there by my mother, a woman in her fifties, who knew the energy of Dave’s class would be the perfect spark for my memory. From the moment you walk into one of Dave’s classes you feel the energy and the excitement building. You get excited about the music, you get excited about the sweat, and you get excited about the challenge you know you are going to face -and conquer, because Dave’s positive energy spreads to everyone in the class and that positive energy won’t allow you to give up and will push you to work harder. Within months of my first class I was not only fit again and in the best shape of my life but more importantly exercise became fun again! I guarantee you if you walk into one of Dave’s classes having a bad day or feeling lethargic you will leave with the best high possible!”-Kerry

“THANK YOU Bassline for making me strive for…
Strong vs Skinny
Dedicated vs Depressed
Hard work vs Being hard on myself
Excellence vs Ego
I have been doing Bassline for 2 months now and it has changed my life. I no longer look at the scale as my monitor. For once in my life, it’s not about my weight but about how strong and healthy I am!!” -Sarah

“CAUTION: Dave Fox has been known to cause serious workout/fitness addiction!!! Side affects may also include an incredible body and frame of mind.” -Jennifer